Nashville, Tennessee, Writer and Editor Amanda B. Johnson

Nashville, Tennessee, Writer and Editor Amanda B. Johnson

My name is Amanda B. Johnson and the “B” in my name stands for Better Words. (Just kidding, of course! That would be extremely weird. It stands for Bourgeois, my maiden name.) 

I absolutely love my job as an editor and writer. My experience includes both print publishing (writing and editing) and web copywriting and editing. I live in Columbus, Ohio, after twelve years spent in Nashville, Tennessee, but have worked on remote teams as well. Currently, I work as a freelance developmental editor and copyeditor as well as a part-time copywriter and editor for Team Flower. Before I moved to Columbus, I worked as a full-time editor for Ramsey Solutions, one of the most trusted companies in personal finance, business leadership, and stewardship education with over ten books on national best-seller lists (this is the same company that brought you Financial Peace UniversityEntreLeadership, and Business Boutique!). 

I take on freelance editing, writing, and content marketing work as my project schedule allows.


Bachelor of Business Administration 
Belmont University, May 2010 Magna Cum Laude graduate additional academic concentration in English Writing

Professional Copyediting Certificate
University of California San Diego, August 2016

A Bit of My Story

In 2006 I moved to Nashville from a small Southeast Texas town in order to attend school. When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up and be a teacher and a writer. During and after college (studying business as the practical-minded woman I am), I found myself working in nonprofit work, small family businesses, healthcare, and government. I quickly realized what I loved to do most in any work setting was editing, research, writing, and training. 

I soon discovered these were the things I was best at, and with enrolling in a Professional Certification of Copyediting at the University of California San Diego, I realized that I could turn these natural skills into a career that I love. I find that being an editor and content marketing consultant allows me to use those teaching and training skills (helping others improve and learn more about content), as well as research skills (I learn so much when working with different clients, topics, and/or fact-checking content), making it an excellent career for me!

I have a critical eye to assist in editing your work, but have an encouraging attitude. I have those creative juices that help my copywriting shine, while being succinct and powerful. I've got experience working with a variety of clients and content and a background in training management (not to mention my top two StrengthsFinder skills are Strategic and Activator), which helps me jump aboard and teach you how to implement content marketing quickly. I pride myself in clear, respectful, and professional communication with my clients (and a high sense of integrity–no wasted time!). I’ve also been told I’m quite fun to work with, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide. :) 

As one of those many millennials out there, I am an absolute nerd about digital content copyediting! I would love to edit your website or blog to help you seamlessly merge professionalism with the informal tone of today's web content.

When not at work, I enjoy writing nonfiction, children's poetry, and music, as well as reading, hiking, singing, learning, gardening, doodling, yoga, and eating. In fact, I love eating so much that it contributed to my joy for editing and writing for Edible Nashville magazine for a time. In addition to those hobbies, I enjoy co-leading worship at my church with my kind and talented husband, who happens to be the best human I know (full disclosure: I'm biased). 

Want to know more? Or just get a bit more personal? Feel free to visit my personal blog here.

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